CloudBees readies software delivery management, Jenkins X via SaaS

By | September 9, 2019

Software delivery platform provider CloudBees is looking to establish the category of applications delivery management, to tackle siloed development procedures, and to create the available source Jenkins CI/CD system available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Software delivery direction through SaaS
CloudBees’s proposed SaaS-based SDM platform will tie together all artifacts, data, and events across a company’s devops tool chain into a unified system of document. The goal is to enhance collaboration between groups by providing universal insights, connected procedures, and governance.

SDM coordinates applications delivery in a company, serving as a sort of CRM for applications delivery. The thought for SDM arose out of this notion that once businesses utilize CI/CD, they realize they have created silos of information, processes, and teams. SDM is intended to capture signals from all the resources in use to reveal what is taking place.

Expected by 2020, the projected capabilities of CloudBees SDM comprise:

A merchandise hub, for integrated visibility and orchestration of data.
A policy and rules engine.
An efficiency dashboard to encourage team improvement and retrospectives.
Real-time value flow direction, to give visibility to in feature and contribution status and worth delivery blockages.
Integrated attribute flag management, for policy-driven delivery management based on operational metrics.
Jenkins X belongs SaaS
Jenkins X, a cloud-native variant of this Jenkins CI/CD system for cloud applications on Kubernetes, will be offered via SaaS by CloudBees by 2020.

Using the Tekton framework for a pipeline-execution engine, Jenkins X provides pipeline automation, gitops (which combines the Git software version control system using Kubernetes), and trailer environments for team collaboration.

The SaaS service follows CloudBees’s own business distribution of the open source Jenkins X; the CloudBees distribution includes commercial technical support and monthly updates, supports Google Kubernetes Engine and trailer environments, and is intended to encourage Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and DevPods.

The Jenkins base may get upgrades
Separately, the base Jenkins platform, currently 15 years old and orginally called Hudson when generated by Sun Microsystems, may gain developments around scalability, administration, and ease of use, said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the founder of Jenkins and chief scientist in CloudBees.